Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility

Addressing sustainability or corporate responsibility has become a vital business imperative, requiring the attention of senior level executives and indeed board members as well.  This is so because corporate responsibility is having an impact on a variety of key stakeholders including – employees, customers, communities, the environment, investors, shareholders and governments.  CSR is increasingly being integrated into corporate level strategic planning.  As such, developing and integrating a detailed sustainability vision into a company’s long-term strategic plan in a way that creates lasting value, translates to increased shareholder value.

CSR is an evolving concept. It is however generally understood to be the way companies integrate environmental, social and economic concerns into their values, culture, strategy and decision making process with ultimately a positive impact on society.  There is a compelling business case for CSR since companies with sound and robust CSR strategy increase their shareholder value over time and is consistent with the growing consensus about the connection between corporate social responsibility and business success.

 Our CSR – Sustainability Implementation Approach

  1. Conduct a CSR assessment
  2. Develop a CSR strategy
  3. Develop CSR commitments
  4. Implement CSR commitments
  5. Verify and report on progress
  6. Evaluate and improve
  7. Plan, identify and engage appropriate stakeholders

 Potential Benefits of Implementing Our CSR Approach:

  • Better anticipation and management of risk
  • Improved reputation management
  • Enhanced ability to recruit, develop and retain staff
  • Improved competitive position
  • Enhanced operational efficiencies and cost savings
  • Improved ability to build effective and efficient supply chain architecture
  • Obtain a valid “social license” to operate in the community

Focus Areas

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Enterprise Risk Management
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Regulatory Compliance
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Sustainability & Corporate Responsibility
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