International Development

Devconia works with governments and private sector in fostering prosperous economies reduce poverty and empower their citizens.  We work with government-sponsored agencies, nonprofit organizations, and multilateral institutions to improve livelihoods in countries including Sierra Leone DRC, Ghana and South Africa.

our areas of focus

Devconia helps clients build the political and social framework necessary to enable economic growth and establish strong institutions in developing countries. This increased stability in turns attracts Foreign Direct Investments.

·         Private Sector Development—Devconia supports governments in promoting economic growth. We accomplish this through recommendations for the establishment of policies that encourage and foster rapid private sector development.  We also assist with the implementation process and provide support to scalable small and mid-size businesses.

·         Food Security—Devconia brings innovation, local networks, and strong capabilities in decision support to enhance food security.  We have indispensable skills and expertise in agribusiness-development environmental assessment and supply chains optimization

·         Trade and Investment—Devconia  provides business development and consulting services for companies looking to do business in Sub-Saharan for the first time as well as for those considering expanding existing operations. Devconia also works with companies to increase trade with Africa and also with governments and multilateral institutions, such as the World Bank, to identify and implement effective trade and investment strategies. We worked with emerging economies to identify products and services where they benefit from comparative advantages and can be developed for export under preferential trade agreements such as the African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA).

·         Value-Added Industries—Many developing economies lose billions of dollars each year through the premature export of unprocessed raw materials whether they be minerals or agricultural products. The cost of this loss comes in the form of high unemployment and various other social ills.  We help countries capture and extend their value-chain in-country through the establishment of value-added processing plants related to the raw materials they produce thereby improving their balance of trade.  

·         Organizational Strengthening—Devconia leverages its deep cultural knowledge and public sector experience to improve accountability, transparency and efficiency through implementation of organizational best practices. We focus on operational performance improvement by developing efficient organizational structure and improved business processes

·         Capacity Building—We lend our business development, managerial and technical know-how to many emerging countries to build, support and transfer valuable skills necessary to support organizations both in the public and  private sectors.

·         Public Health Devconia leverages its cultural and linguistic knowledge to work with local governments and nonprofit organizations to develop culturally sensitive prevention strategies to address HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria for leaders in business, government, and civil society.

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