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 Training and Advisory Services to help navigate today’s complex business climate

In today’s complex and increasingly competitive business climate, many companies are confronted with the need to expand into new areas, be it for critical supply of resources or to access new high-growth emerging markets.  As companies pivot to emerging markets, executives constantly grapple with a dearth of information about many of these frontier markets.  Acquiring critical, timely and actionable information is important for business growth and continuity.

 In response to this growing business need, Devconia offers a series of timely mission-critical in-house training seminars delivered to executives charged with managing new markets and regions as well as to expats transferred to these markets.  Follow-on strategic advisory services are also offered to assist with effective implementation and execution of a variety of initiatives along with facilitating local stakeholder engagement.

Unleash the Hidden Power of Information!

 Learning Topic Areas:

  1. ENTERPRISE RISK MANAGEMENT Understand how to mitigate political, social and cultural risks in frontier markets to improve business performance
  2. SUSTAINABILITY & CSR Learn how to develop and implement effective sustainability framework and Corporate Social Responsibility structure in Africa and other emerging markets and win the trust and confidence of local stakeholders
  3. CROSS-CULTURAL MANAGEMENT – Gain knowledge of key elements of successful cross-cultural negotiation and relationship building when working in emerging markets and enure success of expats
  4. CONFLICT MINERALS COMPLIANCE (DODD-FRANK 1502) – Acquire must-know local due diligence knowledge and strategies for effective compliance with the Dodd-Frank Act Section 1502 “Conflict Minerals” legislation
  5. REGULATORY COMPLIANCE (FCPA)  – Learn how to prevent cultural pitfalls when complying with the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) in frontier and emerging markets
  6. SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT Become skilled at implementing  effective Supply Chain Management (SCM) and Due Diligence in Resource-Rich Countries

Benefits of Learning Topics:

  • Gain a deeper understating of frontier and emerging markets and the opportunities they hold to enhance shareholder value
  •  Benefit from a deeper understanding of local issues in the countries in which you operate and win the trust of local stakeholders
  • Improve supply chain decision-making process informed by realities on the ground
  •  Align business need and regulatory compliance to grow revenue, manage risks and reduce costs
  • Reduce reputational risk  and enhance brand equity

Focus Areas

Strategic Advisory

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Enterprise Risk Management
International Development
Regulatory Compliance
- Dodd-Frank Act Section 1502 "Conflict Minerals" Local Due Diligence support
Supply Chain Management
Sustainability & Corporate Responsibility
Cross-Cultural Management Training